When Will You Ask Your Wife or Girlfriend for Threesome?

You are looking for threesome desperately but don’t know how and when to ask your girlfriend or wife for having threesome. Having threesome is your real fantasy that you really want to do as all your friends have already done it and shared their amazing experience of having threesome with you. This makes anyone crazy for threesome and now you won’t wait for long for threesome.

You are watching an adult movie with full of threesome action and your desire for 3 way is going much stronger than anything else, so you have already decided yourself that you have to do it with your wife or girlfriend. What will you do? Who will be the guest partner to join you for threesome? How will you convince your wife or girlfriend for threesome?

These are the questions of century and definitely you won’t have a threesome before having answer or solutions for these. Here are few tips about when you ask your wife or girlfriend for threesome.

Right after watching adult movie – it is highly advised to never ask your girlfriend or wife for threesome right after watching adult movie. While watching or in between even though you are charged up and in full flow of threesome, it is not an appropriate time or situation to ask for threesome. Wait for the right time to talk the tinder for threesomes.

Never ask for the task while drinking – while you both are drinking together and you think that may be a right moment to ask for threesome. Then you are totally wrong. As asking for threesome is sensitive topic and it may start an argument between you if you ask for threesome when you are drinking. It is advised to not ask or share anything that is not good for both while you both are drunk.

It’s best if you know your girl friend or wife’s view on threesome before sharing your thoughts. You can ask her simply by saying, what do you think about threesome? Are you looking threesome as one of your fantasy that you want to fulfill? When you ask these types of questions from your wife or girlfriend, your threesome is completely depends on response you get from her. If you get some positive signs, its time for you to share your ideas and fantasy over threesome and tell your wife or girl friend that you are super excited to have threesome experience. If you really want to live your fantasy and enjoy it in full mode, it’s better to have threesome not with a girl but with a guy so that your wife or girl friend will completely enjoy this threesome. If you are not quite comfortable with this, it’s completely your call but based on personal experience. If you really want to enjoy threesome with your spouse, make her happy first and then she may allow you and feel comfortable to share you with other women.


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