We Are Big Fans of Online 3some Dating Apps


It was a night about half year ago, I was bored, and so I watched some videos on the Internet to pass the time. Suddenly, I saw an introduction to threesome dating movies. When I saw a man lying on the bed with two women at the same time, I immediately knew what I wanted. I decided to have a swing lifestyle together with my wife and I know she will agree with me since she is always open about anything, including threesome.

When she came back from work, I told her what I thought, and she immediately agreed and seemed very excited. To be honest, we have some problems with our sexual life, and we want to make things better with such a new way of life. But then the problem arose. We didn’t know how to invite a single person to join us, because we didn’t know even a threesome enthusiast. Similarly, we decided to solve this problem through the network. We went to some of the larger sites to ask other users if they had such a swinger experience. In the next few days, we received answers from many users, and most users believe that using online tinder for couples is the best way they know.

We found that many users mentioned a secret benefits app named 3rder, so my wife and I decided to try it first. We quickly found and downloaded the app to our phone from the apple store. The pink icon is so beautiful that makes us feel very comfortable. But we didn’t even think that what happened next is so wonderful and it made us feel that it is so simple to start a threesome relationship.

Because we didn’t know how to use this app, we did all the steps very seriously. About a week later, we received a message from a single male who looked like very polite. He said that he lives in our neighboring urban area and in the meanwhile, he told us that he is very interested in us and would like to enhance mutual understanding with us. We looked at his information, and there were a few nice photos in his album. From the photos, it was about a young man between the ages of 27 and 35.

I discussed it with my wife, and we all thought that he might be a good partner. We replied his message saying that we are willing to accept his invitation. For a few weeks since then, we had been chatting on this app until we agreed to meet each other offline. Our first date was very successful and we have been keeping this relationship until now. Without the help of 3rder, we don’t know how much time will be wasted, and because of this, we are all fans of this app.


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