Some Interesting Discoveries of Threesomes


Having a threesome seems easier and easier nowadays with the rise of threesome dating apps and websites. Kinky singles and couples can connect with each other and find what they desire for with the help of a great threesome app. It is fun and interesting to have a three way. And there are lots of advantages that you can benefit from it. Here we will talk about some interesting discoveries about threesomes and you may want to have a look.

1. Most men tend to be disappointed after a threesome

That’s weird for women because it is always the men who suggest having a three way in the first place. So how come? Usually men will expect a lot before they having a three way. They might only watch some movies or words and imagine threesomes are only happiness and pleasure. In fact, it also put great pressure on them because they think too highly about it. When it happens, men will be at the dominate position naturally and they will try their best to achieve that pleasure for himself and other two people in the bed. So, usually, they will be a little disappointed in the end finding himself not that good.

2. Women tend to enjoy more from having a threesome.

It is a surprising discovery but it is true. At first, women might just agree to do it because they want to make their partner happy and fulfill their desires. But in the end, they will feel more happy and fun because they are relaxed. Unlike men, they don’t expect too much about it, which means that they don’t know what kind of experience they will get. But, their partner will try every effort to please her and they will feel more sexy and different. And for those women who haven’t realized that they are actually a little bisexual, it will open a new world for them.

3. Most men don’t mind having MMF threesome with their friend.

It is easy to find tips online that do not involve your friend to have a threesome. It may make your friendship awkward if there are something that you don’t expect in your threesome. And worse, it may destroy your relationship in the end. But for most men who want to have a threesome, they don’t mind it. And they don’t think it will be worse enough to destroy their friendship. What’s more, they will see it as a good way to strengthen their friendship and bond them closer.


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