How Can a Man Gets a Polyamorous relationship?

It sounds like a fantastic lifestyle that you can have another woman live with you and your wife together. Living a polyamorous life is the dream of most men and some of them indeed try to do anything they can do to realize this dream. Sometimes, it is not difficult to find another woman who is willing to be a third person joining a marriage life but more often you will find there will be many difficulties in your way to a polyamorous life.

Having a FFM threesome is one of the ways to experience what a polyamorous relationship is like. Most men have fantasized about having threesomes with their wives and the other women because they believe threesomes would bring them enough fun to make sex more exciting and attractive. As a man, I have tried several threesomes before and I am planning to engage my wife in a polyamorous life after I can find a compatible woman for us. If you have the same interest as I do, you should come with me to follow the rules below and I wish we all good luck.

Convince your wife at first

Keeping a polyamorous relationship is different from having threesomes because you cannot skip your wife forever. Maybe you can have a threesome with two strange women or another couple without involving your wife even if you have been married but you it is a totally different situation when you are facing a polyamorous. Convincing your wife to accept a new woman in your marriage is not an easy job but you have to do this because there is no any other choice for you. If you can get it through, the following task will be much easier then.

Find the compatible woman for you

Obviously, not every woman is glad to act as a third wheel in a marriage relationship with another woman and her husband but is doesn’t mean you cannot even find one. Actually, there are a lot of women being open to kinky relationship and they are looking for like-minded people as well. You just need a tool or a platform with which you are able to get connection with them and you are advised to use those tinder-style threesome dating apps, such as 3rder, 3Fun and Feeld dating. With the help of these exclusive threesome dating apps, you are supposed to find the perfect woman as soon as possible.

Learn how to keep your polyamorous relationship

Initiating your kinky relationship doesn’t mean everything is going well for you, so you also should learn how to keep it healthy and stable. There are so many customized dating tips and rules about how to keep your relationship on 3rder community and you can learn many things from it. After everything is on the right way, you only need to enjoy your polyamorous life in the future.


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