3rder is the No.1 threesome app to meet other couples

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3rder is the best app for couples to find a girlfriend

3rder is a new dating app for open-minded people to arrange threesome or swinger hookups with different people from different places. It is also a large dating community for people to share their stories and experience with each other. Now 3rder has a large number of real members from the US, Canada, Australia and so on. Users on this app can have the right to choose their partners for threesomes, wife swapping, foursomes and even group sex. It is a great dating platform caters to the needs of all kinds of kinky people whether you are couples or singles. Thousands of people have already found their own partners with the help of 3rder since this app’s first launch a few months ago.
How to get started.

3rder allows all users to download and create personal profiles for free. After installing it on the phone, users have to register a new account to become a standard member for access to basic features. Then they need to input some information and upload a display picture as profile head image presented to other users. Moreover, they are suggested to spend a few minutes to complete additional information about themselves and their matches. When their profiles are ready, they can get into this dating app for threesome.


Part of members of 3rder has upgraded their membership to gain several advanced features including 3 extra rounds of matches, sending instant messages and setting up preferences in the filter. Actually, 3rder is absolutely an affordable app for couples looking for a third person.
1 Month Membership at $9.99
3 Months Membership at $24.99
6 Months Membership at $39.99


True profile. Only with a valid email address a user can sign up for an account. Users have to upload real photos, otherwise the support team will delete them.
Users of 3rder can easily know other members’ location. This app has a unique position system that makes members be aware of the location and distance of their matches.
Customized dating tips and advice. Users will find a variety of threesome dating tips, swingers dating information and erotic stories on many websites related to 3rder.
Instant messages. Sending messages among users is an efficient method for members to build communications and interactions with each other.

Final verdict

No matter you are married couples looking for another woman or singles looking for open couples, 3rder is undoubtedly their best choice. So far, there are more than 50,000 members are finding threesome partners on this thrinder app. Now just create your personal account and browse profiles to find your ideal partners whom you have fantasized about having threesomes and swingers with.

Reasons Why You Need to Have a Threesome

Having a threesome has become one of the biggest fantasies for most couples who want to enjoy the most from sex life. It is true that having a three way is good for enhancing a relationship and explore more pleasure in the bed for both singles and couples. If you haven’t tried to bring a third person into your sex life, you should get to learn something about it in case that one day you want to find a third partner on a threesome app such as 3somer or Feeld. Here are some reasons why threesome is a popular sex fantasy among those swingers.

Having a threesome with three people can make sex life more diverse. That means having three people in the bed will bring more activities and ideas that can allow all of them to be satisfied with more sexual positions. However, all those activities should depend on some specific rules and boundaries agreed on all people involved.

Adding a third partner in the bed is thrilling. Having a threesome is a mysterious sex fantasy that has been thought about by numerous kinky singles and couples. Imagine how thrilled and exciting when they are meeting and talking with like-minded singles or couples on threesome dating apps like tinder for threesomes. They can be very open about what they have on mind when they have met some compatible matches online. Later, when you three gather together and start to flirt with each other, the experience will be more riveting and wonderful.

You will desire your partner more than ever. Having a threesome will give you the chance to see the different side of your partner. However, it will be helpful for couples who really love each other. Or it will only sharpen your problems and lead your relationship to an end. When you are looking for a 3rd partner on couples dating app, you two need to be there together to pick up the one that you are interested in. During the threesome in the bed and watching your partner to make out with another woman will allow your desire for him or her to be heightened.

Have the chance to explore your sexual orientation. Maybe you’ve always thought about having sex with a person of the same sex. But you are not brave and open enough to have a try. Having a three way is a great chance for you to make it happen with your partner. You have nothing to be afraid of. The third partner that you met on apps like feeld will meet the needs of you and get what she desires for at the same time.

Where to Find a Third Person For a Three Way

couple searching for girlfriend
Are married couple wants to find a girlfriend on threesome apps such as feeld and 3rder?

There are lots of adult dating sites out there, including some threesome dating apps for kinky singles and couples to connect with each. Before deciding to have a three way with a third person, you might never hear something like that. But adult dating sites and threesome apps are out there serving all kinky singles and couples who desire for someone who shares the same interests and passions to have a new sexual experience.

Don’t try traditional dating apps. Usually, those traditional dating sites and dating apps can attract a large number of singles to connect with others. But in fact, you are wasting your time searching for people that don’t share the same hobbies like you. And it is no way to convince them to join a threesome that they are not into. The best way to find like-minded individuals online is to visit an adult dating app or a swingers app. People on this kind of platform are looking for someone who wishes to join kinds of sexual practices to broaden their sexual experience and try different things that they may never try before. And threesome will be one of the popular choices because it only involves three but can bring much more happiness than others. No matter you are a married couple looking for a single woman or a single woman who wants to join a couple in the bed, you can find a place and create a profile on a threesome dating app to explore a new world.

You are most likely to travel to other cities or even states to meet partner or partners that you have contacted online, considering it as a way of taking a holiday. And it will be a holiday that is fun, exciting and full of fantasies. Don’t limit to people who live in your area. Just try to expand your searching area and find couples or singles that live far away. Those people may meet your need and be willing to join you to arrange a perfect threesome. Just update your profile frequently and upload photos to attract more attention. Then send messages to those you are interested in and waiting for replies. Don’t allow distance to stop you from meeting someone that may bring ultimate happiness to you. However, if you live in a big city, then there is a huge chance that you will be matched up with kinky singles and couples in your area. But you don’t know what will happen if you have to travel far away. Maybe it will be the greatest surprise in your life.

Some Awesome Tips To Make An FFM Threesome Exciting

tinder for threesoms
3rder is the best site and app for couples to find a girlfriend

There are many reasons why people love the idea of having a threesome so much. People want to have a lot of variety. In many cases some people by their sexual nature are not satisfied with the idea of having just one partner. There are many couples out there who are willing to counsel themselves. The most important requirement for such a situation is that there is both consent and understanding. Now all girls at some level are found to biologically lean towards the female counterparts. So having an FFM threesome is also the hottest date that you will ever find.

There is no way that you can stop to have fun with this. There will be many friends and couples that have a word to say about ffm threesome. You should learn to contain you excitement and at the same time save it for the special day that you are looking for. With some great excitement and hot dates with two women and one man if you are the lucky one. It has also become a sort of a trend. If the couple is brave enough to involve the third one than you should as well go ahead with it. All you need is some good dating tips so you can also get started. One can also pick up social parties and swinger groups to find more accepting options. Dating apps are another medium. So here is looking at all the useful ffm threesome dating tips.

Try Different Ways To Pleasure
If you are lucky enough to be in the midst of an ffm threesome dating game then this is the first advice that you will need to follow. You must be fully involved in all the activities in the bedroom, all three of you and at the same time you should find best ways to pleasure each other. This is the best approach to ffm threesome.

Be Open Minded
The first rule which you would like to follow  in the ffm threesome dating app is that you should not follow a conservative approach but you need a sharp open minded approach. This will make it more fun and exciting as you can do more activities and fulfill your fantasies during ffm threesome.

Be Vary Of Jealousy
You should look for all the options but the person, the male in this cases ( FFM Threesome ) has to try the best he can to make his partner feel secure. The whole threesome sex game should be taken with a casual approach so there should be no scope for jealousy.

Let Your Instincts Flow
When it comes to casual and mix dating then you are doing everything for the fun of it. This also means that you need not worry about the consequences of the threesome one night stands. You should act on your instincts and have fun.

Females Assist Each Other
The hottest thing you can have in a ffm threesome is that you can have the women making the ffm threesome makeouts hot and let the females add to the spice pleasuring each other and the male counterpart as well.